Topographic services

Topography is defined as being the science that deals with the technique of measurements and the calculations made for small pieces of the Earth surface, in the way that are seen in an horizontal plan. Also topography means the technique of graphic representation of this measurements for the purpose of making geographical maps.

I have a lot of large topographic works, that certify the high experience in this field as an authorized expert. Some of them are:
*Ridicari topografice pentru Plan Urbanistic General (com. Comarna, com. Tomesti Jud. Iasi)
*Ridicari topografice pentru Plan Urbanistic Zonal
*Ridicari topografice pentru Studii de fezabilitate la drumuri (peste 300km)

I offer you the following topographic services:

  • Situational topographic plans (for C.U., P.U.Z., P.U.D., D.T.A.D., D.T.A.C.)
  • Cadaster speciality works: agricultural, forest related, estates, town related, water related, connecting infrastructure
  • Tracing property limits
  • Tracing construction axes
  • Assistance in works of constructionsasistenta in lucrari de constructii

The rates for the topographic services varies based on many criterias, so for an exact cost evaluation, please contact us.

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